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"Members [of Ocean Artists Society] such as Dr. Ingrid Visser, who donates her life to the study and research of orcas, play a vital role in educating and inspiring people around the globe about the importance of protecting the world’s aquatic habitats and wildlife”
Wyland, World’s Premier Ocean Artist

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Wylands Art Pieces  ––  Paintings & Scupltures
Whale Rides
Enter the gallery through the picture "Whale Riders"


Acclaimed marine life artist Wyland has earned the distinction as one of America’s most unique creative influences and a leading advocate for marine resource conservation. An accomplished painter, sculptor, underwater explorer, photographer, filmmaker, and educator, he has traveled the farthest reaches of the globe for more than thirty years, capturing the raw power and beauty of the aquatic universe.

Wyland Book Cover

He is perhaps best known for his monumental Whaling Wall mural project — an epic series of one hundred life-size marine life murals that spans fourteen countries on four continents and is viewed by an estimated 1 billion people every year.

As President and Founder of the non-profit Wyland Foundation, in partnership with the United States Forest Service and National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Wyland is actively engaged in teaching millions of students around the world to become caring, informed stewards of our ocean, rivers, lakes, estuaries, and wetlands.

Wyland Painting
The multi-faceted artist has hosted several television programs, including, “Wyland’s Ocean World” series on the Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet Network, “Wyland: A Brush With Giants” and “Wyland’s Art Studio,” a series for national public television.

Today, he is considered one of the most
influential artists of the 21st Century, with artwork in museums, corporate collections, and private homes in more than one hundred countries.


Ocean Artists Society

Wyland isn’t alone in his mission to raise global awareness about our need to protect and preserve our ocean and natural world.

The world’s top aquatic photographers, filmmakers, painters, and sculptors have united to protect the ocean by sharing its beauty with others. By showcasing their talents, this collective group of artists, known as the Ocean Artists Society, is devoted to inspiring passion of the undersea world to a larger audience as means to foster a sense of responsibility to conserve our planet’s waters.


Moonlight Orcas

"Members such as Dr. Ingrid Visser, who donates her life to the study and research of orcas, play a vital role in educating and inspiring people around the globe about the importance of protecting the world’s aquatic habitats and wildlife,” Wyland says.

“Many people don’t have the opportunity to experience the ocean and its inhabitants firsthand. By extending information and artwork, we can introduce audiences to these amazing animals and inspire them to take action in their protection.”


Astrid Van Ginneken, (M.D. Ph.D.), studied computer science and medicine.

Astrid Van Ginneken

While working on her Ph.D. in Medical Informatics, Astrid became fascinated by killer whales.
In 1987 she started to participate in the annual Orca Survey, conducted by Ken Balcomb of the Center for Whale Research in Friday Harbor, WA.
The project has been run since 1976 and in 1994 Astrid became a Principal Investigator of Project Orca. She set up research methods and a database for collection of behavioral data & archiving of digital images.

During the years she has worked with these intriguing animals, Astrid has come to know every member of the study population. Two thirds of these individuals have been born since she joined the study and she has seen babies grow into adults and watched families prosper as well as suffer losses.
In addition to this field work with wild orca, Astrid spent many hours observing captive orcas in many of the worlds Marine Parks, with a focus on Sea World of Florida.

However, Astrid’s passion lies with the wild orca and she has been fortunate to have visited as well as worked with the researchers of other orca study sites in Norway, Argentina, and New Zealand.

Based in Wassenaar, the Netherlands, each summer Astrid returns to Washington State to work in


the field with the animals she holds close to her heart. Whilst there, she shares her knowledge and skills (she is an accomplished photographer as well as a boat skipper) along with assisting Msc. and Ph.D. students with data analysis.

Working closely with Dr Ingrid Visser, Astrid has helped the Orca Research Trust with developing a database to store all the behavioural and field research data which has been collected over the years.



 For the first time, despite Astrid’s many years of working  with the orca of the Pacific Northwest, she was able to fulfill  a life-long dream of swimming with orca, when she was in  New Zealand on her last sabbatical. She also has a New  Zealand orca named after her (Astrid, catalogue number  NZ32).

 In her spare time Astrid is involved with an orchestra and  between all her travels she has managed to write a book  about orca.


Togetherness is Our Home: An Orca’s Journey Through Life
By Astrid M. van Ginneken M.D. Ph.D.


Book Cover

Think of orcas, and you may instantly imagine the killer whales ruthlessly prowling the high seas in search of prey. Yet, these predators are in fact complex creatures that feel and love within the groups they live.


Deeply fascinated by these remarkable animals, Dr. Astrid M. van Ginneken has been studying orcas for over 20 years. Van Ginneken felt that most publications on orcas do not convey the orca’s life. Her novel, Togetherness is Our Home, not only presents the natural history of these amazing creatures, but also tells a moving story of an orca’s journey through life.

Born in the wild, Tuschka learns the ways of her pod of fellow creatures and experiences the never-ending search for food, the joy of play, and the sadness of loss. But then Tuschka is mercilessly taken from her home waters and transferred to a marine park, where her only solace is her human trainers.
Yet, deep inside her remains a void that only her family can truly fill.
Will an injury change her destiny…?

Fascinating and heartfelt, this is a novel that is

a realistic account of the bonds between whales, and the relationship of man and orca.

397 pages. Createspace. ISBN 1-4196-6225-2


Here is an excerpt from Astrid’s book;

The Big Chase
Evening fell and the otherwise so strong Sigurd, labored to keep on going. He had not heard his family’s voices for a while and wondered how far he had fallen behind. A dull pain had spread to the areas around the stab and in the centre he felt a throbbing sensation.

The rusty spear point had caused a local infection, which caused Sigurd even more pain and a slight fever.
Coming up for air almost every minute, the lone bull plodded on, his huge dorsal fin barely going under on his dives.
Sigurd had been by himself for most of the day when the wind picked up in the evening. White-caps appeared on the waves and strong swells developed. He had travelled in storms countless times, and it had never caused him any trouble. Not so long ago, he had been guiding Tarka when she was in labor.

Now, no one was near.

He was too exhausted and too frequently in need of air to dive to calmer water between his surfacing. Staying near the surface, he rose high to breathe and tried to avoid waves running over his blowhole when he inhaled. Sigurd called a few times, but his calls were lost in the turbulent waves.

That night, he needed his family more than ever, but there was no solace. Darkness enveloped the bull, buffeted with the waves.